About MedPress

MedPress is an online community united to offer support, education and encouragement for those who suffer from back or neck pain. Here, you will find people who know what you’re going through and can commiserate – because they have been through it themselves.

MedPress also is a user-driven education hub where people all over the world can learn from each other by sharing stories about coping with and mitigating back or neck pain. Subject matter experts and experienced medical writers are here to research and write articles based on suggestions from members of the community and on the health and fitness news of the day. You will also find detailed information about the potential causes of back and neck pain, as well as ways to maintain a healthy spine and an active lifestyle through every stage of life.

Who will you meet through MedPress?

  • Lifelong recreational athletes who know how important it is to maintain a healthy spine and share their techniques for doing just that
  • People who have suffered spine injuries or have been slowed over time by age-related degenerative spine conditions, yet continue to lead active, productive lives
  • Health and fitness experts who will share their ideas about diet, exercise, and other factors that contribute to good spine health and overall health
  • People just like you who experience occasional (and occasionally intense) back or neck pain that sometimes limits their ability to function in day to day life

Join the MedPress community to learn, to share and to interact with knowledgeable fellow members who just might have the answers you seek about managing, coping with, or avoiding debilitating back or neck pain.

Note: MedPress content is intended for general information purposes only, and does not constitute advice of any kind. Members are bound by the community’s terms, conditions and disclaimers.