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    Please check out this really enlightening 8 minute radio story


    about the research of Dr. Vincent J. Felitti. Dr. Felitti found in his work with patients; that repressed emotions were a predictor for many serious medical conditions.

    He developed a series of questions called ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and discovered that adults who answered Yes to four or more of the ACE questions were generally twice as likely to have heart disease, in comparison to people whose ACE score was zero. The research also found that women with five Yes answers or more were at least four times as likely to have depression as those with zero ACE points.

    This research is in keeping with my own personal findings; that negative emotions can cause physical manifestations in the body such as low-back pain, sciatica, and other chronic pain. In my case, I found that normal negative emotions were the cause of my ongoing pain for all those years.

    Understanding a managing our emotions can not only keep us from debilitating chronic pain, but may save us from life threatening disease as well.

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