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    I was doing some garden work about 10 days ago and felt like I had pulled a muscle  in my lower back. I applied some Icy Hot, then rested for the day. The next morning, the pain seemed worse, so I went to a walk-in clinic, where the doctor there said it was just a badly pulled  muscle and recommended more rest. It’s been almost 2 weeks and the pain is still there. It’s most uncomfortable when standing and lying down. Should I see a specialist? Has anyone else had a badly pulled muscle that caused pain for this long?

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      J. Peterman

      Hi Lauren – I’ve had issues with a bulging disc in my lower back for a few years now and I’ve done a lot of research about the causes of back pain. When I’ve experienced muscle strains in the lower back, the pain has lasted for some time. Especially if there was a lot of inflammation and the muscle is spastic. Muscle spasms are the worst! If I were you, I’d try icing the area a few times a day and maybe perform some gentle stretching exercises to help ease the pain.

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      I have experienced some discomfort in my lower back. A friend of mine who is an orthopaedic specialist suggested it could be that my hamstrings are tight and I just need to stretch them out. Stretching has helped some, but the pain often reoccurs. I’m starting to wonder if it could be something else. Should I make a trip to a physician to have it checked out?

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      Shannon Sendejas

      I am all for second opinions. It never seems to hurt to hear anothers ideas. Especially if you have been in pain for that long.

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      george micheal

      Many people all over the world suffer from lower and upper back pain.Some pain can be relieved by some exercise or therapy but some can be tended by Back Pain Doctor or professional Medical Practitioner.Those problems can be relieved by routine care. So for those who are having issues with it can consult with their local doctor or medical practitioner.

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