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    From my experience, it is very difficult to stay positive when one is suffering from chronic pain. Waking up in the morning, you begin to move and you feel that twinge in your back-neck-shoulder, and you know the day will be like yesterday, and the day before that, and maybe many previous days. Whatever you do, or even if you do nothing at all, it will be accompanied by pain. Sometimes you may feel just a little ache, a burning pain, an excruciating pain, or maybe that painful place on your body will be quiet for just a short time, but you imagine that it will always be with you.

    Of course, the last thing you feel like doing is getting up and starting your day. You may feel badly, you may feel hurt, and you want to just stay in your bed, and feel better, but you know that lying in bed all day doesn’t feel great either. So, you do get up and go, because life goes on, and it doesn’t stop for chronic pain. You care for your family, do your job, take care of your home, and try to find some joy, but all those normal things feel colored with the grayness that is chronic pain.

    For the better part of twenty years, this was my life. Sometimes when I had very little pain, and life was pretty good, other times I had severe pain, and I had periods when I was paralyzed with pain, and was completely unable to get out of bed without help.

    Maybe that all sounds fairly bleak, but please take heart my friends – there is hope!
    Without a doubt, you will have a new body before you know it. Every tissue in the body has its own turnover time:
    Cells lining the stomach – 5 days
    Liver – 1-2 years
    Red blood cells – 4 months
    Skin (epidermis) – 2 weeks
    Skeleton – 10 years

    Happily, I experienced a very sudden change in which my chronic pain was completely eradicated in very short order. Suddenly everything was different for me in a wonderful, and exciting way. I was pleased to experience the end of years of crippling, chronic back pain, knee pain, and a host of other pains. I was able to gain a true understanding of how the mind controls the body, really controls it, and how I could bring myself comfort and peace.

    You may have pain, but the body you have now will be a different body soon, and that change may bring you the possibility of a future that is pain-free. Hold on to your hope!

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